Returning Point is a platform that aims at providing adequate information to the Serbian diaspora on the range of matters – from establishing the necessary contacts to providing aid and knowledge exchange for all the individuals wanting to return to Serbia.

Mission – our mission is to establish and maintain networks and build bridges between the Serbian society at home and abroad through varied programs.

Vision – our vision is the open Serbian society that creates opportunities that arise from knowledge exchange and trading experience between highly skilled individuals around the world.


Recognizing and engaging highly skilled individuals and organizations that are focused on this particular group of people; improving communication channels and connections between Serbia and diaspora, in particular the quality of the two-sided exchange of information that diaspora requires to make up-to-date decisions to return or cooperate locally.

Developing a network of local partners form the public and private sector; enhanced cooperation with relevant local partners who already engage with the diaspora in focus; attracting and retaining talented individuals, initiating new programs and activities with local partners in order to foster better connections with diaspora and fostering improved connections and networking among different diaspora groups.

Identifying obstacles for return of individuals and cooperation with diaspora; drafting policies and guidelines related to return or cooperation with Serbia; active assistance with public and private sector entities that can provide beneficial treatment for returning professionals and strengthening the collaborative efforts of Serbia and diaspora.

Supporting efforts to attract investments into Serbian economy by individuals and organizations from diaspora and providing necessary information on investment opportunities and connecting interested focus groups with relevant local partners.

Promoting success stories of individuals who returned, and cooperation established between individuals, companies, organizations from abroad and local partners in Serbia to promote resident potential for elevated circular migration in all fields and professions.


Returning Point has been devised as an organization established by the Serbia City Club, Serbian Entrepreneurs and Science Technology Park Belgrade.