Understanding that life cannot be limited to family and work only and that we all care about the society we live in; we need to learn from each other and understand how our surroundings are transforming. In order to facilitate that exchange and spread it through the network of our citizens home and abroad, we created this platform.

With a number of professional societies and groups, as well as a highly developed civilian sector finding a niche that corresponds to one’s own expertise or area of focus has become a simple task. This is precisely why professional contributions and volunteering, as means of investing in the society can be as diverse as one’s interests.

The idea behind the Returning Point project is to create a database of individuals, organizations and institutions that are dealing with pervasive issues of societal development in a transparent and professional manner, bridging the gap between communities locally and abroad.

Selection of leading organizations and people engaged on a local, regional and national level has been mapped and is available below (disclaimer: none of the mentioned organizations is formally connected to the Returning Point project). The idea behind this non-exhaustive list is to expand over time, in a collaborative manner, which means that questions and suggestions are welcome.


Volunteering is ideal for younger generations of our people born in diaspora but are looking to experience what it is like to live in Serbia for a certain period of time. Despite the obvious contribution to a particular cause, volunteering opportunities also enrich personal experience and career growth of upcoming professionals in any field.

OCDoskop is an initiative organized by the Office for cooperation with the civil society that aims at creating a uniform database of domestic and foreign organizations that are active in Serbia. Portal has searchable contacts and detailed information on organizations categorized under cities /regions and the field of action.

  • Individuals planning to return from Germany should engage with Returning Experts program of the Center for international migrations and development supported by GIZ and the German Federal Employment Agency.


Programs and projects focused on professional development of individuals looking to bring their ideas into life are increasingly interested in mentoring sessions. While the process of mentoring is a collaborative undertaking, enabling a safe environment to exchange ideas, experiences, contacts, opinions and support / contributions in this vein are available through:

Creative Mentorship” is the first mentorship program in Serbia which tackles the issue of personal and professional development of upcoming leaders in the field of culture.

A project designed for women and focused on building personal support through sharing knowledge, experience, solidarity, good values, networking and female empowerment.


Sparing time and energy sometimes can be burdensome due to surplus of work. Philanthropic contributions, as a part of local tradition can be pursued through a variety of ways continuing the legacy of helping and assisting those who really need it most.

Some of the foundations that accept contributions for their work: