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Anđela Janković, predsednica OSSI-ja u Rimu ispred Bazilike Svetog Petra
24. Nov 2022.

Studentski život i aktivizam – Intervju sa Anđelom Janković, OSSI

Već duže od 20 godina, Organizacija srpskih studenata u inostranstvu – OSSI aktivno radi...

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Paja Jovanović - Seoba Srba, 1896.
24. Oct 2022.

Serbian Migrations in a Nutshell

As an idea, migration is deeply embedded in Serbian national consciousness. We know that...

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brain drain image
15. Oct 2022.

Brain Drain – Problem or Propaganda?

How many times have you heard that many young well educated people are leaving...

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03. Oct 2022.

Carta Serbica – A New Chance for Repatriation

In August 2022, the Returning Point organization presented a new initiative that enables people...

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About Goals
25. Sep 2022.

Thinking About Repatriation? We’re at Your Service!

Thinking about repatriation as a phenomenon, the most frequent question is probably – why...

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investment opportunities illustration
22. Sep 2022.

Investment Opportunities for Repatriates

As one of the leading investment locations in CEE, Serbia has attracted over 37...

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22. Sep 2021.

Porezi sa kojima se susrećete svakodnevno

Poreski sistem je kompleksan u svim zemlјama, ali je za sve građane korisno da...

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22. Aug 2021.

Priznavanje (nostrifikacija) diplome

Do skora, postupak priznavanja diploma (stari naziv procesa – nostrifikacija) bio je u neku...

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