Prikupljanje neophodne dokumentacije

Necessary documents

Prikupljanje neophodne dokumentacije


To successfuly submit the application for temporary residence in Serbia based on the Carta Serbica program, you need to collect and enclose required documentation. General documentation refers to the identification documents and certificates, as well as to the official Application form, while special documentation refers to the documents that prove your Serbian origin.

Continue reading to learn which documents you need to enclose in your application.



General documentation

1. Temporary residence application form

The official application form for temporary residence can be obtained at the local police direction for foreigners. Locations and contacts of relevant direction offices can be found here.

2. A valid passport

This refers to the passport you currently possess, a document of the country of which you are a citizen.

3. Proof of means of subsistence during the planned temporary residence

To have your temporary residence application approved, you are required to enclose a proof of means of subsistence during the planned temporary residence in the Republic of Serbia.

One document proving subsistence is enough, and it can be either:

  • Serbian bank statement confirming the means in the amount of local minimum wage per month (about 300 EUR net), or
  • Pension fund statement, or
  • Any form of work contract, or
  • Serbian employer’s statement confirming your salary, or
  • Scholarship statement, or
  • Confirmation of a registered agricultural property, or
  • A verified statement of support from a physical or legal party – a member of the household you will reside in.

4. Registration of either short-term or residential address in the Republic of

You will need to register an address in the Republic of Serbia and to enclose the proof of registration with your application. More about address registration you can find here.


5. Proof of health insurance during the planned residence

To obtain temporary residence in the Republic of Serbia, you will need to enclose proof of health insurance during the planned residence. You can regulate health insurance through the National fund for health insurance, or with a private insurance dealer in Serbia, or you can obtain it based on the signed international agreement with a state whose citizenship you have. More information about international agreements concerning health insurance you can find here.

6. Proof of prescribed administrative fee payment

More information about the prescribed administrative fees you can find here.

7. Two photos

Finally, to complete the general documentation you will need to enclose two recent color photos, 35X45 mm in size, full face.



Special documentation that proves your Serbian origin

1. Domestic or foreign public document* that clearly designates Serbian origin of
the applicant.

Any domestic or foreign public document that can serve as a basis to determine
that the applicant or its direct ancestor have declared themselves as individuals
of Serbian origin. It is necessary to prove lineage and relation with the direct

More information on the process for recognition of foreign public document can
be obtained from the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia.



2. Baptism certificate from the Serbian orthodox church that confirms the Serbian
origin of the applicant or his/hers ancestor

If the certificate relates to the origin of the direct ancestor, it is necessary to prove lineage and relation between the applicant and his/hers ancestor.