Find out what it is like to live and create in Serbia

Advancing the society that we live in is a driving motivator for a number of individuals who are participating in the modernization of their community through charity, volunteering or personal growth. Aiming to learn from our diaspora and to connect with it, we are looking forward to providing meaningful connections that would be beneficial for the Serbian society locally and abroad.

Considerable number of initiatives in the civil sector, many professional associations and networking groups that fit the widest arrays of interests are contributing to a transformation of the modern society in Serbia. Depending on the time and resources individuals can contribute in many meaningful ways, becoming part of circles and societies that best fit their profile. This way one can not only support a cause that one is passionate about but also help those who need it the most.

Returning Point is here to offer information about credible individuals, organizations and institutions that are tackling these social transformation issues in a transparent and direct manner, allowing a better path to establishing connections and cooperation.

We are showcasing programs that are active on all levels (local, municipal, regional and national) in a neutral way, with the idea of adding to the list below through your suggestions. The organizations, institutions and foundations listed are in no formal or informal relationship with Returning Point. Any cooperation with friends and partners on the project is always transparently highlighted within the framework of specific activities.

Contribute with Your Time

Volunteering – an ideal format for all our people born in diaspora who are looking to experience what it is like to live in Serbia for a certain period of time. Aside from the direct effect for a particular cause, volunteering opportunities also enrich personal experience and career growth of upcoming professionals in any field – as many younger returnees have confirmed, these activities have brought them closer to understanding the society in Serbia.


Volunteering with companies or governmental institutions

  • National Employment Office runs a specialized Program for volunteering positions.
  • Individuals planning to return from Germany should engage with ’Integrated Experts program of the Center for international migrations and development supported by GIZ and the German Federal Employment Agency.

Volunteer in humanitarian organizations


OCDoskop is an initiative organized by the Office for cooperation with the civil society that aims at creating a uniform database of domestic and foreign organizations that are active in Serbia. Portal has searchable contacts and detailed information on organizations categorized under cities /regions and the field of action.


Contribute with Your Expertise

Programs and projects focused on professional development of individuals looking to bring their ideas into life are increasingly interested in mentoring sessions. While the process of mentoring is a collaborative undertaking, enabling a safe environment to exchange ideas, experiences, contacts, opinions and support / contributions in this vein are available through:


Creative Mentorship

Creative Mentorship is the first mentorship program in Serbia which tackles the issue of personal and professional development of upcoming leaders in the field of culture.


Knowledge Sharing

Share Your Knowledge is a project designed for women and focused on building personal support through sharing knowledge, experience, solidarity, good values, networking and female empowerment.

Contribute Financially

General welfare for the entire community is also supported by significant philanthropic efforts through socially responsible programs and projects by individuals and organizations in Serbia and abroad.

In case you want to support a meaningful cause financially, or consider giving support to a charity working locally, there is a number of initiatives in different areas that are actively working towards creating a better society in Serbia (for detailed programs and activities please check their respective websites):


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