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Returning to Serbia can be a daunting and stressful move, in the same way that moving abroad is. This is specifically so if one has spent considerable time outside the country and is unfamiliar with the changes that happened over the years. Starting or continuing a business career in Serbia is connected to a series of questions that we tried to answer, by offering relevant information in one place – our website.

The answers to all the administrative, logistical and other issues are available under different sections (disclaimer: some materials are only available from partner websites in Serbian language). In case you require any additional information, aside from what our platform offers here, feel free to get in touch via:

Administration and Logistics

Returning to Serbia and facing different administrative processes can seem like a hinderance. However, with changes in the functioning of the public administration and the overall digitalization, a single hub for many administrative issues has been established from January 2020: eUprava.


IDS and Personal Documents

If you need a personal ID as Serbian citizen, there are several things to know in advance. Collection of FAQs in Serbian can be found below:
(official text in Serbian language)

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Customs Benefits

One of key novelties for all expatriates living and working abroad that are considering return to Serbia is the amended Directive on customs benefits. The new legislation significantly increased the limits for customs-free import of personal property and household items from 5000 EUR to 20,000 EUR for repatriates who spent up to ten years abroad. The cap is further lifted for any repat who lived longer than ten years outside of Serbia, making the entire process considerably more open to relocation and repatriation.

Employment and Starting a Business

Whether you decided to start your own business in Serbia, or you are simply looking for information regarding the employment market locally, all the necessary data can be found below:

The tax regulation of contributions related to the salary has been changed in March 2020. The amendments were directed towards making a tax break for highly qualified repats, allowing for 70% tax deduction for repats who are offered three times the average salary in Serbia. The rationale behind the changes was to stimulate the economy and allow for a more competitive opportunity for repats to seek employment in Serbia, making the benefits mutually advantageous for both the employers and prospective employees.


Benefits for Repatriates

You can find FAQs relating to repat benefits that available via link:

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Looking for a Job

If you are looking for a job, all the information relating to your rights and obligations can be found here:
(official text in Serbian language)

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Aside from governmental institutions and national employment programs, there are numerous portals that advertise openings in companies. Some of the most famous spots for job hunting are аnd Klik do Posla.

If you are interested in finding a placement in one of the fastest growing industry sectors in Serbia – IT – the available information can be found on and Poslovi Startit.

If you are looking to invest and start a business, you need to understand the ecosystem in which you are planning to operate.

Additional practical information related to entrepreneurship can be found the website  about Entrepreneurial work initiated by the Ministry of Economy as well as via Moja Firma web portal.

More information on startup culture in Serbia is available on portals such as NetokracijaNova Ekonomija or Startit.


Starting a Business

You can find FAQs related to the topic of starting a business in Serbia via link:
(official text in Serbian language)

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Recognition of Foreign Academic Degree

The recognition of a foreign degree procedure is now handled by the Qualifications Agency. From 2020, the process is significantly more expedient and time-savvy and almost entirely digitalized. More information on the procedure can be found here, while the guidelines for recognizing foreign academic degrees required for professional work in Serbia are available on their website.

Living in Serbia

Social, cultural and gastronomic aspect of living in Serbia is regarded as a key influence in deciding to return. The Move to Belgrade website provides information on social life in Belgrade and Serbia, while similar information is available for the south of Serbia through the online portal  Južne Vesti or through portal 021 for those planning to move to Novi Sad.


Family Life

Some of the most common questions we received from repats in Serbian language are answered below:

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