The key activities that we focus on with the aim to better connect with diaspora and returnees, exchange information and knowledge, build new bridges of communication and expand the circle of active members of our growing community.


Work from Home

If you are working from home, why not work remotely from Serbia? With all the key information in one place, our Work from Home page is there to help you make a decision to return, while continuing to work for your employer abroad and enjoy all the benefits that life in Serbia has to offer.

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Guides for Repatriates

Return can be a stressful endeavor and relevant information is often not available in one place, in a coherent and logical order and sensible for the end user: a repat. With the idea to ease the decision-making process and assist in easing into the local surroundings better, we have answered a series of questions pertaining to social, administrative and business aspects of repatriation with these Guides.

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Diaspora Viber Community

The objective was simple: getting the members of our diaspora together with repatriates and the broader Serbian society in order to better connect, communicate and exchange ideas & knowledge through a new direct channel of digital communication.

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Returning Point Podcast

We are reaching out with stories of successful repats, sharing their experiences and business endeavors in Serbia and diaspora as well as all the life challenges that are inherent to migration, in a new podcast format.

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