Returning to Serbia can be a daunting and stressful move, in the same way that moving abroad is. This is specifically so if one spends considerable time outside the country and is unfamiliar with the changes that happened over the years.

Returning Point was imagined as a platform where all necessary up-to-date information can be found so that informed decisions on returning to Serbian can be made. The answers to all the administrative, logistical and other issues are available under different sections (disclaimer: some materials are only available from partner websites in Serbian language).

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Administration and Logistics

Upon return to Serbia, administrative matters can seem like a hinderance. Nonetheless, the government has introduced a redesigned eAdministration (eUprava) website in January 2020 that serves as a hub for digitalized administrative procedures in many different areas. Accordingly, a number of important tasks can be organized and executed online, prior to the scheduled return.

IDs and personal documents

If you need personal ID, this is how to get them:


Financial Guide for Expats

In order to comprehensively introduce all the relevant information on financial matters that always from an integral part of the cdecision-making process to return to Serbia, the National Bank of Serbia created this Financial Guide for Expats.

One of the most prominent novelties in financial policy that pertains to expats is the amended Regulation on customs benefits that raised he import limit from 5000 EUR to 20,000 EUR for expats that spent up to 10 years abroad, while effectively terminating the cap for individuals who spent over 10 years living and working abroad.

Recognition of Foreign Academic Degrees

The recognition of a foreign degree procedure is now handled by the Qualifications Agency. From 2020, the process is significantly more expedient and time-savvy and almost entirely digitalized. More information on the procedure can be found here, while the guidelines for recognizing foreign academic degrees required for professional work in Serbia are available here.

Employment / Starting a Business

If you are looking to start your own business in Serbia, or you are looking for information on the employment market, all the necessary data can be found below:

Looking for a Job

If you are looking for a job in Serbia, an overview of your rights and duties is available here:


Aside from governmental institutions and national employment programs, there are numerous portals where job placements are advertised regularly. Look for more information via InfoStud, Klik do Posla or Poslonaut. Specialized placements for one of the most competitive markets in Serbia – the IT industry – are also available through Poslovi Startit.

If you are considering starting your own business, you need to understand the particular ecosystem in which you are planning to operate.

Starting a Business

Find the answer to frequently asked questions here:


More practical information on entrepreneurship can be found on the official government website organized by the Ministry of commerce, as well as Moja Firm web portal.

In order to diving deeper into the culture of startups and small business owners in Serbia check out Netokracija, Nova Ekonomija and StartIT.

What are the expat benefits?

Stating from 1 March 2020, a series of governmental measures was implemented in this regard.

The benefits are provided for citizens who lived outside of Serbia in the past two years, who can claim deductions for income tax of up to 70% in the period of 5 years under the condition that their base salary is at least 3x higher than the national average.

Life in Serbia

Social and cultural aspects of living in Serbia also play a pivotal role in deciding to return here. Web portals like Move to Belgrade provides better insight into what social life in Belgrade and Serbia is. Similar information is available for the south of Serbia on Juzne Vesti portal and Novi Sa news through portal 021.

Family life

You can get answers to frequently asked questions related to family life here: