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We are here to support our repatriates coming back to Serbia, help business ideas grow locally, assist scientific and academic exchange and projects while promoting better connections between Serbia and diaspora. Linking local talents with the global Serbian society while helping amazing initiatives reach their full potential and find a place in our society here and abroad is at the forefront of or mission.



Our mission is to establish and maintain networks and build bridges between the Serbian society at home and abroad through varied programs.



Our vision is the open Serbian society that creates opportunities that arise from knowledge exchange and trading experience between highly skilled individuals around the world.

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Mapping and Information Sharing

Recognizing highly qualified individuals and organizations that gather these individuals in country and abroad; constantly working on improving two-way communication between Serbia and these individuals, while recognizing their needs and providing information relevant for their return and cooperation.



Connecting local partners from public and private sector with diaspora-based initiatives and individuals through programs that aim at fostering cooperation and innovation, while gathering returnees, expats and local talents into a community that is driving the Serbian society forward.


Regulations and Incentives

Identifying legislative gaps and obstacles to return and cooperation in order to positively impact regulatory amendments and affect policies that are essential for diaspora-related issues, coupled with active support of the public and private sector in providing incentives and assistance to repats.



Supporting the efforts to promote Serbia as a viable destination for potential diaspora investments, by providing relevant information on opportunities, interested parties and potential for connections with local talents and partners.



We are sharing success stories of our returnees, diaspora organizations, companies and individuals who have cooperated with local talents, seized opportunities and contributed to the development of the society, science and economy in Serbia.


Returning Point is an organization established by the Serbian Entrepreneurs and Science Technology Park Belgrade, with support of the Serbia Creates platform.

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Official Announcements & Press releases, in chronological order. Please be advised that a number of announcements is in Serbian language only, but in case you require any clarification or information in English feel free to get in touch with us.

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