Invest in your Future in Serbia
Momak piše nešto na poslovnom sastanku sa mladom poslovnom ženom koja nosi naočare, a sa strane im čovek donosi papir

Changes in the investment climate in the country opened up a series of opportunities for diaspora to invest in projects and infrastructure locally, driving the economy forward. Aside from tax benefits and breaks that are provided to returnees and the individuals who decide to invest into companies operating in Serbia, we had a chance to connect investors from diaspora with successful local talent. These connections foster a better understanding of the local climate, the national market fluctuations and other events that are crucial for running a business or an investment.

We are keeping up with investment opportunities and projects that are being developed domestically, tracking contributions from diaspora as well as forex legislations aside from being in close contact with returnees bringing fresh ideas back to Serbia. This makes us a perfect first step for all inquiries relating to investments, as well as a hub that can easily reach out to initiatives developed locally, that may be of interest for your undertaking.


Personalized Approach

For any and all inquiries you may have with respect to investing in Serbia, feel free to get in touch. We are focused on providing tailored advice, specific to your needs and the needs of your business while reflective of the economic reality in the country. Following the news on this page in 2021 will be beneficial as the plans for projects in the upcoming year are concentrated on diaspora-related investments.

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Crowdinvesting in Serbia

There is a new investment platform that just recently opened up in Serbia, following the crowd-investment model, called Ventu. The platform focuses on small businesses that have a scaling potential in the local market – connecting investors and entrepreneurs – by providing not only funding but a hands-on team that can incubate and grow the business to its full potential.

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